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EnviroCompliance Labs feels that the following links may assist you in making the best choices for your service needs.


Environmental Protection Agency: www.epa.gov

Laws and Regulations: www.epa.gov/lawsregs/

Sources of EPA Methods: www.epa.gov/osa/fem/methcollectns.htm

Office of Water: www.epa.gov/OW/

Region 3: www.epa.gov/region03/

Commonwealth of Virginia

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality:

Regulations: www.deq.state.va.us/regulations/

Department of Consolidated Laboratory Services:

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Document Library

Drinking Water from Household Wells Drinking Water from Household Wells. Table of Contents in left panel of page.
Homeowners Guide To Septic Systems Home Owners Guide to Septic Systems. Table of Contents in left panel of web page.
Technical Paper Calibration by Greg Hudson, Lab Director Calibration Curve Insights, Thinking Outside the Box! Presented August 2009 to standing room only audience at American Water Works Association (AWWA) meeting in Virginia.
Household Water Testing Virginia Cooperative Extension Publication 356-485, an informative short text on household water quality issues and insights.
Interpreting Your Water Test Report How to interpret your water test report - guidance from the Virginia Cooperative Extension service publication 356-489.