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Analytical Services
A Test to Meet Your Needs

EnviroCompliance Laboratories, Inc. provides a full scope of testing services to meet the client's specific needs. We specialize in a variety of environmental procedures and would be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

Drinking Water & Well Water
The Primary concern for private wells involve bacteria testing for real estate closings. Additionally, lead, nitrate and nitrite are often evaluated.

Water & Wastewater
ECL performs a complete range of tests for VPDES permit compliance including wet chemistries, metals, microbiological, and organic analyses.

EnviroCompliance Laboratories, Inc. offers complete support for groundwater monitoring. In addition to our analytical capabilities, we stock bailers, hand pumps and other equipment to help manage the monitoring plan.

Solid Waste & Site Remediation/Assessment
ECL provides a broad spectrum of testing for site characterization, waste disposal, remediation and hazardous classification. This includes standard screening and characterization methods, metals and organics testing, and pesticides/herbicides including library searches for unknown constituents.

Petroleum & Pellet Fuel
ECL performs a comprehensive array of petroleum testing including flashpoint, Micro/Fungal evaluation, API Gravity, BS&W, Cetane, etc. Pellet fuels can also be tested for compliance with the PFI Standard Fuel Grade Requirements.


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